Some of our dairy herd
View of the farmhouse across a field
Working in the fields
feeding time in the cowsheds
Honeychild Manor Farm

HONEYCHILD MANOR is a working dairy and arable farm of 1500 acres (600 hectares). Our herd of 300 Friesians, the only dairy herd left on Romney Marsh, are milked twice a day. The milk is sold to a factory and supplies mostly London corner shops and supermarkets. The crops differ annually, but generally we grow, wheat, oil seed rape and peas.

Maize and grass are also grown for silage and hay for the cows during the winter. In medieval times, the land around Honeychild Manor farm was mostly marshy, sheep grazing land and there are still a few of the famous shepherd looker huts to be seen locally. Visitors are very welcome to see the animals and milking - but please check with us first.